RYSA & NJ Sports House Year-round Indoor Space

As of October 1, 2018, RYSA will have indoor field space at New Jersey Sports House in Oakland to use when practices are rained out, for additional training, special events, open play, 3v3 tournaments, etc.

What about winter training?
Our winter training is already scheduled at NJSH and will continue as planned. In addition, we have entered into a 12-month agreement allowing us the opportunity for continued training, open play, and other soccer related meetings or activities we want to use the facility for.

Is this expensive?
The club is paying an additional cost to have year-round access to the indoor space, so for certain events, we may charge a fee from participants to help alleviate some of the cost. Additionally, if we host 3v3 type tournaments, we could charge teams to join in.

How do we access the space?
Scheduling field space should be requested by the team manager through Frank or Stacie.

How does partnering with NJSH benefit us?
Having an 'indoor home' fills a missing piece in our club's offering, elevates RYSA's status, and puts us on par or ahead of other neighboring clubs. Our hope is that it will be used regularly by our teams and club to improve skills, increase team bonding, and encourage more soccer playing within the club.

When can we go to NJSH?
We invite you to join us at NJ Sports House on Wednesday, October 3rd between 6-8pm for our first RYSA OPEN PLAY at NJSH. ..(no charge to join this event, just wear indoor/turf shoes or sneakers and shin guards).

If you have ideas or questions about RYSA & NJSH, please email us at rysawildcats@gmail.com


If you haven't yet signed your NJSH waiver, please do so immediately.

In order for us to use NJSH in 2019, every player must sign a waiver online at www.njsportshouse.com - once you go to the site, a "Sign waiver here" will pop up on the bottom of your screen.

It takes less than a minute to complete the waiver and can be done from your phone or computer.

Please ensure you have completed this for your child in order for them to participate in any practice or event at NJSH.  They have all of our player names and will be confirming that each player has completed the waiver.

RYSA NJSH Kickoff Open Play